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Welcome To PicNic

All-in-one culinary experience that you have been dreaming about.

We help you with every step of your picnic, from planning your luxury location to selecting your high-quality artisanal menu, to picnicking in style with fashionable picnic accoutrements, baskets, blankets and accessories. 

Impress your date, reconnect with your loved ones and enjoy some quality time together, making lasting memories. Soak up the beauty of Niagara and experience exceptional and elevated outdoor picnic experiences that are safe, easy and beautiful. 
We help you create magical moments and celebrate life with the people you love. 

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Pic·nic: A pleasant or amusingly carefree experience

Life is busy; it’s important to savour the moments that matter. 
Picnic originated out of a desire to bring people together over a gourmet, luxury picnic, that is safe, convenient and exceptional. For many people, life is moving too quickly and it’s important to take the time to slow down and connect with the people you love. After 2020, we all deserve a picnic.

After years of producing quality cheese at Cheese Secrets, we are pleased to provide an elevated picnic experience that brings people together in a safe and convenient way. At PicNic, you will only find artisanal, hand-made, high-quality foods that will delight your tastebuds and create a beautiful experience to share with your loved ones. 

Picnic appreciates the connection between food and the outdoors and provides a convenient and safe for people to connect outside. Our knowledgeable team will happily direct you to a luxury location that few others in the area know about for a truly unique experience. 

From start to finish, we’ve thought of everything you need to make your picnic exceptional. Picnic in style with our selection of picnic baskets, blankets and gear, enjoy a gourmet meal and celebrate life with your loved ones as you soak up Niagara’s natural beauty. 

Love the idea of a one stop picnic shop, the food is fantastic, the shop has a relaxed trendy feel. Tried a few things, everything has been top notch but the duck duck goose sandwich is by far my favourite. If you're planning to picnic in Niagara, you have to stop here first.
Quinten Melo
Such a cute shop and brilliant idea! Go on a little picnic as a group, as a couple or on your own by the lake. They have an assortment of baskets and if you call ahead of time you can book a specific one. You can pre-order your food or you can walk in. The baskets and blankets are for rent. We had such a lovely time and the folks at PicNic are so friendly and very personable! Definitely recommend if you're spending an afternoon at NOTL!
Sel Scalzi
After looking around for a while we never found a decent restaurant in the area. We ended up lunching at PicNic and it was the best decision! I strongly recommend going there for your lunch if you are in town, it is way better than any restaurant on the street where everything is fried food or not-fresh and tasteless salads. We had a great service at PicNic by a very nice and friendly lady. Very good and fresh salads, sandwiches, and snacks.
Beautiful, fresh and delicious salads, baked goods and sandwiches, where you can find Cheese Secrets quality artisanal cheeses infused into their dishes. Loved their coffee and baked goods as a snack while walking around on Queen street in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Stop by Cheese Secrets on the way home to get some cheese to go, it's a whole cheese experience!
Nic O'C


Elevated Experiences

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Niagara and discover the power of nature. Offering exclusive and magical picnic destinations, we help you craft the perfect outdoor experience for you. With PicNic, you get insider knowledge of the best that Niagara on the Lake has to offer.

Slow Down and Connect

We’re all longing for more connection with the people that are important to us. Savour your time together and enter a picnic state of mind. Spend quality time making magical moments.

Gourmet Picnic

Dedicated to high-quality, local ingredients, Picnic offers exclusive local and artisanal products. In collaboration with Cheese Secrets, Picnic offers high-end culinary experiences and a curated selection of cheese plates, charcuterie boards, delectable sandwiches and salads, drinks and desserts.

Safe, Easy, Fun

Whether you order online or visit us, we have thought of everything you need to picnic in style and proudly offer a wide selection of picnic accoutrements. Impress your loved ones in the safety of the beautiful outdoors surrounded by nature and delight your taste buds with a culinary adventure.



It's time for a break. It's time for PicNic.

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Artisanal Picnic Experiences in Niagara-On-The-Lake

Life is busy. It’s important to savour the moments that matter.

Offering artisanal picnic experiences, high-quality local foods and safe
and convenient culinary experiences, PicNic is here for you.

Slow down and connect with your loved ones as you enjoy Niagara’s beauty and celebrate life.